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Company FAQ

Why choose HANNEL Precious Stones & Jewellery-

A vast majority of the e-commerce store today only sells you a ones off price bracelets - which is a common practice today. However, there’s rarely any support given after the sales service.


At HANNEL Jewellery, we practice customer loyalty program differently. By buying from HANNEL, we are giving you back unheard of benefits and support as our customer.

Here is our buyer's benefits overview -

-*Exclusive New Product Introduction (NPI) bracelets sales up 70% off  

-FREE wrist customisation 
-One year warranty - for string breaks repair / strings adjustments
-Over 26+ Quality natural stones bracelets & design to pick from.
-FREE shipping always for local buyer

-Returns/ Exchanges for any damaged goods.
-Middle Brand products with good branding
-Generous 40%-60% Discount customer loyalty in the way of memberships program
-Risk Controlled Product Quality assurance practices & checks in place.
-FREE memberships & up ranked possibility
-FREE natural stones as gift rewards for all up ranked members.



Memberships FAQ



Does Your memberships Applicable to All?

A: Yes, Hannel's Sliver to Diamond memberhips is applicable to both local customers as well as worldwide international customers.

Will I ever be downgraded from membership status?

A: NO. You will never ever be downgraded once you have up the rank. You’ll stayed in that rank of discount forever. 

What happened after I have achieved the rank of Diamond memberships?

A: You’ll be staying in that range of 30% discount forever in every future new item products we create. You may like to consider next to grow your referrals numbers to memberships to grow and accumulate more money in your account.

How do I know or how do I check if I have achieved the $500 -$1500 mark?

A: After you have purchase your first bracelets from Hannel Jewellery, you may start tracking your own spending by signing up online as our member. You can see your own total spending report from inside the membership area after you have login. 

Is it a guaranteed to have the free natural stones crystals gift as stated?


A: YES.It is a guaranteed whenever you have hit the spending mark of $500 -$1500. You will be receiving these natural stones items for free and also get to upgrade your membership status with Hannel Jewellery.


Is these rewards as a results of lucky draw?

A: This is not a lucky draw. Lucky draw chances is 1 out of thousands or millions. This is a real deal for you. A guaranteed to you only on hitting the spending mark. Anyone can do it, make it and win it.

How long will It takes for me to get my free stones?


A: It all depending on how fast or how much your spending in our shop. As long as you hitting the $500 or $1500 spending mark, we will began to send you your stones and upgrade your membership status.

Product FAQ

How often HANNEL create new bracelets?


A: Yes create new and trendy products is crucial to keeps customer coming back for more. We are committed to create and promote new products on weekly basis. Can’t promise now on numbers as operationally we could be busy at some point of seasons.

How many bracelets design you have?

A: We have exclusively handmade - 8 ladies, 6 mens, 4 unisex, 4 boys 4 girls kids bracelets. A total of 26 bracelets. We will, create more items on weekly basis if time permits. Subscribe to our email notification for New Product Introduction (NPI) offer deals up to 70% slash price exclusive offer. *Beautiful natural stones bracelets for limited time offer to get hold of.

Do you offer any warranty for your product?

A: Yes we do. We offer a one year warranty. 


It does not cover overseas buyer customer. That is becoz we could not conduct a string break repair or adjustment services for overseas customer. It is not feasible for overseas customer except for the local. However, we do returns / exchanges with overseas buyer under a damaged goods condition. Full info can be obtained here.


Sales FAQ

Why buying from middle brand is important?

A: Always go for the middle brand as they have both the brand, trust, quality and affordability. The product warrenty, packaging and delivery system is supra too. To learn more best online shopping practices experiences, click here.


Why are you able to bring down your price this much?


A: Considering we do not have essential overhead cost or expensive shop rental. We are operating via the online selling platform.


Does it mean I have to spend $500 or $1500 in a single receipt in order to get my free stone?


A: Not necessarily. If you wish, you could either spend $500 in a single receipt or accumulate your spending over time till you have reached $500 mark to receive your free stones.


I am a foreigner, can I buy your product?


A: yes you can. As usual, you may check out your items and buy it just like the rest of people. However, the shipping cost will be determined by your country. Go to our shipping page to check your country's shipping fee from here.


Does buying your accessories item able to make me a sliver member?


A: Buying of accessories like measuring tapes does not make you a member. Only buying of our bracelet products makes you our member.


What is Your Payment Processor?

A: When you checkout from our online shop you will be taken to either Stripe CreditCard or Paypal. These two payment processor is established to be very secured, quick and easy. You will be receiving a email details of your order upon checking out paying an item.

Do you accept refund? 

A: Products are considered as sold upon successful sales transactions. Hannel Natural Stones & Jewellery do not accept refund for sold products. We have also stated it in our Terms of Service and Shipping & Delivery page.

Do you accept returns and exchanges?

A: Yes we do both locally and overseas but under a damaged goods condition. Pls see full details at Shipping & Delivery & One Year Product Warranty Page.

From time to time, a parcel may be damaged (as well as the item inside the package) in the shipping process.

Overseas buyer may return defected items via their own parcel. However, he/ she has to bored their own shipping cost for the product returns

Marketing FAQ

Referral Rewards


A: To be determined


Lucky Draw


A: To be announced 

Customizaton FAQ


How to measure my own wrist size?


Here is what you can easily do -


Steps -


1) Go to our store and select your desired bracelet.  
2) Add to cart, at the same page comment section, state your desired wrist size.(below pic)

3) Checkout and Pay your selected item.

4) We will take note and make your items accordingly to your given diamension.


Picture diamension as reference 

All our bracelet at the sales page will state the wrist
size diamension guide
for your easy buying reference.
Unless the picture wrist sizes given doesn’t fit your
wrist length you may alert us by dropping a note of your
desired sizes in centermeter during add to cart product
page comment section. E.g. 'pls customised to 12.5cm













What if the wrist size still not quite fitting to my wrist after receiving my product?

A: After you have received your customised bracelet, should you still finds it loose or tight, you can still get it altered by visiting our shop. But pls email us 1st at before coming down to our shop. We will be responding back to you within 12-24 hrs. 

I am NOT a member of Hannel Jewellery, can you also do a repair service for my bracelets?

A: For public non-member - We charge $10 for a single string breaks repair or adjustments services. Even if you are not a member of HANNEL Jewellery, a $10 is a very affordable price for most people.

Shipping FAQ

A: All Q&A concerns regarding shipping fees, shipping process, product packaging, handling, delivery & tracking for both locally and overseas is already provided at our shipping & delivery page. Pls click here to access the full infomation.

Preferred Contact Mode

A: Since we are running a handmade online business, We need some time to be responded back to various questions and concerns. We would much preferred to be contacted by email instead of a call. We shall answer back any question queries with 12-24 hrs. So far we have not left any question unanswered. Thank you for your understanding.

Should you have any further question unanswered here, pls feel free to email us at:

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