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Our Quality Policy

How HANNEL Precious Stones & Jewellery work to protect your buying risks?


Our Quality Policy

Our Stones - We are using quality selective natural stones. We have put in a deliberate efforts to maintain our beads, charms and items daily. Ensuring polish every item looking fresh, smooth and shiny besides cleaning beads daily.












Our products vs others in the market

We have artisically thought thru the bracelet design process to give you the best states of art natural stone bracelet design. Our charm & spacer are carefully selected for jewellery making. Each charms and spacer design fits the bracelet colour and styles.


               Market's Offered Design                                   HANNEL's Offered Design
















Our Strings Quality Vs Others


At HANNEL, we give you the best durable 4-strings bind crystal strings that will not be broken easily. Most makers in the market is giving you a 1-string bind with a lower quality strings.


               Common 1-String Bind                                   HANNEL's 4-Strings Bind


















Clean String Tie cut vs others


At HANNEL, after we have tightened the string, we will cut-off the remaining string and leaving
approimately 1 mm clean look. That's our level of workmanships.


        Common or Poor Workmanship                                   HANNEL's Clean Cut Tie



Video Demo









Here is a big difference - By buying from our store you are buying a natural stones bracelet with HANNEL branding. You are buying a item with brand. There's a value point you can emphasise to your peers about it instead of mentioning a un-branded goods from a common store.                       


                       No Brand                                                    HANNEL Natural Stones & Jewellery






HANNEL's 2-Sided Design Series Vs Others

All our natural stone bracelets has 2-sides design. You can enjoy wearing it both ways and changing the
styles you liked anytime you liked. This is one of our unique selling point. Many in the market are 1-sided bracelet design.


               Common Design Stone Bracelet                                      HANNEL's 2-Sided Design Series




















How do you know the bracelet you choose is going to fit your hand well?

This is where our Gold-plus services comes in. FREE wrist size customisation on every order.

Send us an message at checkout note of your wrist size diamension in centermeter. and we are able to customise to your sizes before we ship it out to you.


Steps -

1) Go to our store and select your desired bracelet.  
2) Add to cart, at the same page comment section, state your desired wrist size.
3) Checkout and Pay your selected item.
4) We will take note and make your items accordingly to your given diamension.


Picture diamension as reference

All our bracelet at the sales page will state the wrist size diamension guide for your easy buying reference. Unless the picture wrist sizes given doesn’t fit your wrist length you may alert us by dropping a note of your desired sizes in centermeter during add to cart product page comment section. E.g. 'pls customised to 12.5cm size.' 

Our Packaging Quality vs Others

Majority of people received an sales bracelet item from an online order that looks like this :






That certainly doesn't looks like a quality bracelet?



At HANNEL, we does things differently even for every single product delivery. Here's how -


HANNEL FULL Packaging process Explain -

Basic package (Untracked)

If you buy a normal design bracelet (below $30) from our shop, upon receiving your purchase notice,

our team will start making your item, packing your item within 2 days and ship out via Singpost basic package delivery. More shipping details and overseas shipping details, pls see our Shipping & Delivery page


HANNEL Normal Design Bracelet Packaging -















Trackable Parcel Pack Delivery

If you buy a premium design bracelet (above $30) from our shop, upon receiving your purchase notice,

our team will start making your item, packing your item within 2 days and ship out via Singpost Trackable Parcel Pack Delivery. More shipping details and overseas shipping details, pls see our Shipping & Delivery page



HANNEL Premium Design Bracelet Packaging -

































Shipping & Delivery (100% FREE Shipping in Singapore

Our Turnover delivery Time

We will proceed handmade your jewellery and packet it within 3 business day after receiving your order.


Shipping To You - (Singapore)

After that, Your parcel will be sent for delivery via Singpost. You should received your items within 3 working days. If you still do not receive your items after 1 week, pls email us at we will surely help you look into the issues.

For more shipping details on both Singapore and Overseas shipping & coverage, pls visit our Shipping & Delivery page.


What to expect to receive for first timer customer?

First time customer visiting our shop and purchase either a normal or premium bracelet the process will be the same as above for either normal product or premium product handling. 














What to expect to receive for regular customer?

Regular customer visiting our shop frequently and purchase often either a normal or premium bracelet the process of delivery will be the same as above for either normal product or premium product handling. Except  he will only receive his purchased item without the sliver memberships thank you card as he already has it.













We do not dropship, we handmade it for you and we ship..

HANNEL Precious Stones & Jewellery has worked hard to protect your buying risks online. With us helping you, we have shown steps of our quality control actions and checks to eliminate your buying risks and giving you the finest jewellery product selection pleasures shopping and delivering to your door step.

To understand more our shipping info, go to our Shipping and Delivery page. 

Keen to know more on how our FREE memberships work to your benefits and advantage? Go to our Memberships and Rewards Page. 

Company FAQ

Why choose HANNEL Precious Stones & Jewellery-

A vast majority of the e-commerce store today only sells you a ones off price bracelets - which is a common practice today. However, there’s rarely any support given after the sales service.


At HANNEL Jewellery, we practice customer loyalty program differently. By buying from HANNEL, we are giving you back unheard of benefits and support as our customer.

Here is our buyer's benefits overview -

-*Exclusive New Product Introduction (NPI) bracelets sales up to 70% off  

-FREE wrist customisation 
-One year warranty - for string breaks repair / strings adjustments, bead & Charms
-Over 26+ Quality natural stones bracelets & design to pick from.
-FREE shipping always for local buyer

-Returns/ Exchanges for any damaged goods.
-Middle Brand products with good branding
-Generous 40%-60% Discount customer loyalty in the way of memberships program
-Risk Controlled Product Quality assurance practices & checks in place.
-FREE memberships & up ranked possibility
-FREE natural stones as gift rewards for all up ranked members.


What are you still waiting for? Start shopping and becoming our customer today!

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