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What is a good online shopping experience and why is it important to you?

What is a good online shopping experience and why is it important to you?


Everybody wants a good and solid online shopping experience.


You only have great fun buying if you really enjoyed a product you buy. That’s a fact.


Be it visiting a offline shopping mall or shopping things online, we all want a good and enjoyable shopping experience. You can be buying a dress, a IT garget or looking for a gift. No matter what objective you have set to buy, you want to have a completely satisfaction shopping experience outcome at the end.


The truth is, usually good shopping satisfaction comes from 3 ways-


  1. The quality of the product you want

  2. Able to spend within your budget

  3. The way the product is presented, packaging and delivering to your hand.


Does buying a Low cost cheap pricing products gives you the ultimate satisfaction?


Not necessarily. Low cost cheap product may be able to save your budget but if the quality is poor, product presentation and packaging is poor, risk is there after buying it. It may not brings you the ultimate positive buying experience and complete satisfaction at the end of the day.


Reason: You may found limited features or defects in it and may require to spend some time in remedy the issues centering the product itself.



My advice to shoppers


There’s always choices presented before you in a shopping mall or in an online shopping setting. As an example, if you are shopping for a watch. There are always high end watches, middle to Low end too. Unless you’re rich, you can buy anything you liked. But if you’re on a budget, what you choose and how you spend becomes important.


Go for the TRUST Factor


Always go for product with a trusted brand. A Brand with product and system you can trust. Not necessarily must be a super popular brand but at least go for a honest trusted brand that delivering good quality. Besides reading up customer reviews & rating, also study them - is that shop a local registered company? study how the system of the store works from product presentation, product quality to packaging and delivery even their customer service level.


Go for the middle price brand


Watches like Rolex brand can cost you somewhere between 1.5k to 100k or more for a watch. Middle Brand’s like Seiko can cost you somewhere between $80 to $850. The cheapest one of unheard brand will cost you only about $10 to $25.


Like I mentioned before, always go for the middle brand as they have both the brand, trust, quality and affordability. The product warrenty, packaging and delivery system is supra too.


Picking the Right Jewellery Store


Likewise for jewellery industry, picking a trusted middle brand and reasonably priced product is recommended. Going for a cheap or too cheap jewellery products may eventually ruins your day with substantial risks of poor quality workmanship or unspotted defects item. Especially buying an item online coz you will either be happy or regretting after receiving your items.


To learn how the middle brand - HANNEL Natural Stones and Jewellery able to protect your buying risks, click here to find out.

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