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FREE Customisation For Your Wrist

FREE Customisation for your wrist. Only at HANNEL Natural Stones & Jewellery.


With HANNEL Natural Stones & Jewellery, you no longer have to be worried about wrong sizes bracelets. I understand the pain you feel after waiting for 1-3 weeks for your dear bracelets to arrived only to discovered a wrong fitting sizes!? And the worst part is - how are you going to re-size your bracelets? You bought it as an item online and it’s going to take another long waiting time process to get your bracelets adjusted back to you?


Even if you could find a local services that could help to resized it for you, there’s a searching process and extra payment involved just to amend your bracelets!?


Thereof, by sorely buying from us HANNEL Natural Stones & Jewellery, you have nothing to be worried about over this issues anymore. We will tailored made customising your bracelets according to your given wrist sizes before shipping them out. Thus eliminating 95% of wrist unfit issues from each single order. 

After you have received your customised bracelet, should you still finds it loose or tight, you can still get it altered by visiting our shop.


Not forgetting besides our precious wrist size customisation services of your bracelets, we are also giving away free natural stones gifts to you when you have hit $500 -$1500 spending mark. At the same time reducing your cost dramatically with our free memberships. You can enjoy 10%-30% extra discount just by spending in our shop. See more REWARDS at this page.



How to measure your own wrist size?


Here is what you can easily do -


1) Go to our store and select your desired bracelet.  
2) Add to cart, at the same page comment section, state your desired wrist size.

3) Checkout and Pay your selected item.

4) We will take note and make your items accordingly to your given diamension.

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