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70% Off + FREE Gift Red Santa Christmas Bracelets White Christmas Snow Bracelets

Seasonal Sales

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As seen on - NBC, CBS, FOX channels, Hannel Jewellery brand is recently featured in USA press released.

This is a special Christmas season promotion bracelet sales. An EXCLUSIVE bracelet design based on Christmas time 2021. May these red/ white Christmas bracelet package set creates a sweet memory to you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas to you one and all. :-D

70% Off + FREE Gift - Red Santa Christmas Bracelets White Christmas Snow Bracelets Seasonal Sales.

Limited Stock Available.

Each Bracelet Price on Retail Usually Cost: $55.00 or more

Today's Special Offer: Only $16.50 for 1 bracelet. (Over 70% off discount)



Bundle Deals: $29.90

Red Santa Christmas bracelet + White Christmas Snow Bracelet = $29.90.

(save you additionl $3.10) Plus - You will received a FREE gift Christmas bear necklace (see pic).

Red Santa Christmas bracelet is made of - Red Watermelon Tourmaline stones + white moonstones.

White Christmas Snow Bracelet is made of - White Moonstones + color hematite stones.


Moonstone definition - A rock for "New Beginning", Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and toughness. Watermelon Tourmaline definition - powerful heart stone that is here to help calm and soothe your emotions and rejuvenation of your life force.

Hematite definition - enhancing willpower and also integrity, as well as imparting self-confidence.



Limited Stock Available: 8mm (03 left), 10mm (03 left)

Sizes Available: 8mm, 10mm

Material: Quality red watermelon stones, white moonstones,

Strings: Crystal 4 strings bind

Other Accessories: Sliver plated alloy front center charm, sliver angel wing charm & Hannel brand tag, back sliver alloy center charm and sliver spacers.

Made For: These 2 bracelets is exclusively designed for Ladies Adult. White Christmas Snow Bracelet can be for unisex. Made in Singapore

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