HANNEL High Quality 2-Sided Design Stone Bracelets Series - Maroon Persia Jade Blue Aquamarine Bracelets For Unisex Adults with Charms. This bracelets is exclusively designed for adult Unisex.

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These 2 Natural Stones Gives -

Calm Inner Peace, Stress Tension Relief, Love, Balancing Health and Luck


In holistic healing and also crystal therapy, Jade rocks are thought about to be a fortunate stone that is related to good health, wealth as well as love. Being connected with the heart chakra, Jade serves to deal with anxiety, anxiety and also disorders of blood flow. It also past injuries to locate a deep place of understanding, love, as well as openness.


Jade is also believed to bring luck, It represents balance and harmony: Its believed that Jade can bring you back to center. "It's a perfect stone for grounding, balancing the body, and calming the nervous system.


Aquamarine rock helps one be better in communion with an internal peace, and is known for its capability to soothe stress as it is calming and also relaxing. Aquamarine is a wonderful rock for reflection as it quiets the mind and also helps with obtaining interaction from higher planes.


Other advantages of using aquamarine consist of tension relief, helping suppressed feelings resurface and also instilling a feeling of tranquility.


By promoting the throat chakra, the Aquamarine gem helps to improve resistance by opening the circulation between the heart as well as the throat power energy. Aquamarine is additionally associated with water, which offers it a cooling effect on the body.


Combining both stones you'll get Calm Inner Peace, Stress Tension Relief, Love, Balancing Health and Luck.

Maroon Persia Jade And Blue Aquamarine Bracelets For Unisex Adults

$71.20 Regular Price
$41.20Sale Price
Color: maroon
  • Sizes Available: 8mm, 6mm
    Material: Maroon Jade Stone. Blue Aquamarine Stone
    Strings: Crystal 4 strings bind
    Other Accessories: Sliver plated metal front center charm, sliver planet charm & Hannel brand tag, back sliver spacer charm
    Made For: This is exclusively designed for Adult Unisex
    Made in Singapore