HANNEL High Quality 2-Sided Design Stone Bracelets Series - White And Blue Moonstone Bracelets with Charms For Ladies. This bracelets is exclusively designed for Ladies.

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These Natural Stones Gives -

Peace, Success, Healing, Inner Growth & Business Intuition.


Moonstone definition - A rock for "New Beginning", Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and toughness. It calms emotional instability as well as anxiety, and also stabilises the emotions, providing peace. Moonstone enhances intuition, advertises ideas, success and good luck and also organization matters.


A gem for intuition, equilibrium, and also wishes, Moonstone aids channel one's feminine side. Related to the crown, third eye, as well as heart chakras, Moonstone soothes and also soothes stress and anxiety while launching love of all kinds. Moonstone is a powerful gem that can indicate a lot of points with its diverse recovery effects.


Moonstone gives Peace, Luck, Healing, Inner Growth & Business Intuition.

White And Blue Moonstone Bracelets with Charms For Ladies

$82.80 Regular Price
$52.80Sale Price
Color: White Blue
  • Sizes Available: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
    Material: White Moonstone, Blue Moonstone
    Strings: Crystal 4 strings bind
    Other Accessories: Sliver plated alloy front center charm, sliver crystal rhinestone heart & Hannel brand tag, back sliver center and  crystal rhinestone charm
    Made For: This is exclusively designed for Adult Ladies
    Made in Singapore